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Overview of BBS

We do it all, so it all works for you

BEK Business Solutions offers a full line of products and services for business telephones, computer networks, Internet technology, security, infrastructure implementation, cabling, managed services and more. We handle it all – from initial consultation, to system design and setup, to ongoing support. That means you work with one vendor to manage your communications and networking solution. A solution that meets your current needs has the flexibility to grow, plus adapts to new technologies. Your communications and networking system should enhance your business, not slow it down. Our professional staff and third party consultants will consult with you to develop a solution custom-tailored for your needs, freeing you to take care of business.

We are here to serve you 24/7. Days, nights, weekends and holidays – if you need us, call us.
Discover the Power of Communications

Our communications systems integrate seamlessly into your day. Check your office voicemail with your cell phone while on the road.  Seamlessly route calls from your office to your cell and vice versa.

With the right solution for your needs, you won’t waste time trying to figure out how to use it. You’ll just use it.

Your communications system should be transparent. That means you simply communicate, wherever you are and wherever you go.

  • Cell to landline  and landline to cell transfers. You are on an important call, but you need to leave the office. No problem. Transfer it to your cell phone and go.
  • Using Voice over IP (VoIP), you can take your IP phone anywhere with an internet connection. Your phone will act just as if you were in your office, enabling calls within your normal local area without the long-distance charges. You can work from practically anywhere, but your clients won’t know the difference.
  • Link multiple offices together to function as one.
  • Integrate with popular software such as MSN Messenger, scheduling calendars, conferencing and collaboration applications and more.
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