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Cabling & Design

  • Data cabling is the cornerstone of a data network's integrity. With 70% of network failures being cable related it is imperative that this phase of your network implementation be given utmost consideration. BEK Business Solutions is able to stay ahead of our competition and ensure that cabling infrastructures are both designed and installed by personnel that are trained to provide network customization to meet your network needs.
  • Our relationships, established over decades, with manufacturers such as Panduit allow BEK to keep abreast of the products that are delivering the technologies of today including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ATM. With the product knowledge that BEK has amassed, our recommendations for network installations include fiber optic cable (single mode and multimode), Cat 5, Cat 5e and the emerging demands of Cat 6. Let us share our knowledge.
  • Your cabling infrastructure costs represent 5% of your total network investment, yet will outlive most of your network components. BEK can give MIS managers peace of mind with cabling warranties and maintenance agreements. An effective consulting and planning session with one of our experts can minimize the costs associated with post-installation maintenance, troubleshooting and network downtime. Designing a cost-effective cabling solution today with a plan for the future allows your company the ability to allocate your personnel resources where they can be best utilized. Will you trust your business applications to less than an expert? We guarantee our work so that you can get on with yours.
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